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Relieve the pain of the soles of the feet

For the practice of sports such as hiking, running or trail running, the foot and especially the soles of the feet are a real interface between the field and the sportsman. Different types of plantar pain can occur when walking: burning or tugging, pain due to the formation of blisters or calluses, which often force the athlete to stop walking. The EPITHELIUMTACT 05 foot protectors are designed to quickly relieve pain underfoot while allowing athletes to continue their practice without loss of performance. EPITACT® SPORT has also developed targeted solutions for more specific foot diseases such as hallux valgus (onion of the foot) and blue nail. The orthosis for the hallux valgus EPITHELIUMFLEX 02 and the blue nail protectors EPITHELIUMTACT 02 present actions that can be complementary: preventive, corrective and protective.